• Temperature detection plus Pass/Fail actions
  • Voice alarm for absence of protective masks
  • Facial recognition (works with mask)
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Integrates with access control systems


New Graphic Touch Less Keypads combine a graphical interface and security-system operation with all of the popular features. Easy to use for you and your employees and simple to program for each individual user.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Our solutions for intrusion detection systems (IDS)
and deterrence provide encrypted, versatile, high-level
physical security with secure communications to keep
personnel informed in times of emergency and help
ensure a rapid, informed response.

Access Control Systems

Access control provides the ability to manage up to 96 doors! You have the option to offer security and access control as a managed service, or be selective with your access and establish your rules that fit your building.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras connected to residential and commercial security systems give users a powerful security tool. With cameras, you can check in on your business at any time, as well as be prompted to determine the situation upon an alarm in the event of an intrusion. Our monitoring center operators can also assess the premises upon an alarm as live video and recorded clips are available immediately through our monitoring center. To meet our customers’ video surveillance needs, Security Pro offers a variety of network cameras and network video recorders (NVRs).

Fire And Smoke

Our smoke detector is a wireless device with an integrated synchronized sounder. In installations with multiple smoke detectors, when one sounds, it signals the panel to command all detectors to sound. The panel also triggers any other wired strobes and strobe horns.